Energetic Solar is a turn-key solar PV solutions provider for developing, installing and operating solar PV systems in New York State. Our focus is on rooftop and ground mounted commercial and community solar projects. We deliver state of the art solar energy facilities in a high pressure and dynamic construction environment. Energetic is driven to continuously improve system efficiencies and reduce the cost of solar energy for our clients. Energetic provides the utmost certainty, understanding and professionalism for any solar PV application with the guaranteed best possible value and performance.

Energetic Solar is a certified Contractor and Installer for the NYSERDA NY-Sun Program. This government program offers non-refundable grants and financing options for residential and commercial property owners who want to adopt solar panels for their facilities.


Energetic Solar Inc. engages with suitable entities and individuals to purchase solar PV systems. We further lease roof space and land to install community solar PV systems. Energetic Solar provide full turn-key services to project owners which include design and engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance as well as various financing options.


Provide 100% solar power to people and businesses of New York State. Energetic will work with clients to reform our energy mix by shifting away from fossil fuels to solar PV and battery storage, providing sustainable energy sources to future generations. Due to the low cost of solar, the government initiatives such as the NY-Sun program, and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), systems are now more economically viable than ever before.



Thomas Kreutzer, President & Founder

Thomas is a Solar PV evangelist with over 12 years’ experience in the solar industry in Canada, Germany, United States and the Caribbean. He has exceptional knowledge in all stages of a solar projects’ life cycle, from origination and planning, to development and execution. Further, he has a thorough understanding of technical requirements and construction management to provide outstanding solar PV applications. As owner of several systems with a capacity of over 250kW, Thomas understands the solar business from both sides of the table.


Corey Yantha, Vice President & International Business Development

Corey is a seasoned executive with significant exposure to infrastructure projects in frontier markets. Following a BSc degree from Mount Allison University in Canada, Corey led a private infrastructure development and consultancy firm based in Toronto, Canada. Through this work Corey successfully executed large-scale infrastructure projects, with a specific focus on developing countries and emerging markets, while raising capital for a number of infrastructure, clean technology and sustainable projects in the Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa.


Peter Deppisch

Peter is a certified accountant and financial auditor from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics. In 1996 six he founded his own accounting firm advising industrial and commercial enterprises in tax and business matters. Previously he worked in the consolidation and revisions department of an international account firm and perform financial audits for large international corporations in the United States and other countries.

Florian Golinski

Florian is CEO and co-founder of SunTec Energiesysteme GmbH. Since 2002 the company develops, builds and maintains solar PV applications throughout Germany. He has been one of the early adaptors and realized the enormous potential of the solar technology. Florian is a true visonary and provides creative solutions for all energy needs.

Jochen Hilpert

Jochen is President and co-founder of SunTec Energiesysteme GmbH. He installed his first system in 2001 and contributed greatly ever since to the German “Energiewende” by installing thousands of solar PV systems. Jochen is a true leader and navigated SunTec successfully through the consolidation period in Germany, SunTec remains the only solar company in the region.

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68 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

+1 (416) 706-1127


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