Community Solar

A community solar project is a solar PV installation that shares the produced solar energy between community members. This could be a home owner, but also commercial clients. By participating in a community solar project you don’t have to invest any money, rather you just purchase clean and renewable energy from us. As a large installation utilizes economies of scale, it enables us to sell you the power below market rate, plus you will be making a contribution to fight against climate change and reduce your carbon footprint.

To become a member is easy, just sign up with Energetic Solar and the produced solar energy will be credited against your utility bill. You will find a separate line item on you next bill showing the energy that was credited.

  • No permitting and construction on your property
  • No operations and maintenance obligations
  • Automatic consumption offsets up to 100%
  • Fully transferable to other community members
  • Relocation of your solar account within the community

Generally community solar is available to everyone, but can be especially attractive for:

  • Condo owners
  • Tenants
  • Property owners with space or shading issues
  • Although we love solar panels, some folks are not overly happy with the aesthetics and this provides solar electricity without the hardware

With a membership in a community solar project you make your contribution against climate change. We have it in our own hands to safe this planet, plus you safe money! Find out if we have solar power in your community, just complete the form below and a representative will contact you shortly.

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