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  • New Bill Seeks to Repeal Trump’s Solar Tariffs April 20, 2018
    Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) yesterday introduced a bill to repeal the solar tariffs that President Donald Trump imposed in January. According to Rosen’s office, if passed, the legislation would allow duties and tariffs to default back to previous rates, and companies that imported any affected solar products under this new tariff would receive retroactive reimbursement.
  • Michigan to Replace Net Metering Program with Avoided-Cost Tariff April 20, 2018
    Michigan utility customers who put surplus electricity they generate back onto the power grid will be paid a lower, avoided-cost rate after June 1.
  • Banks Are Sweetening Their Terms for Solar as Confidence Rises April 20, 2018
    Interest rates are rising, making debt much more expensive for capital-intensive industries across America. But there’s at least one exception: the solar business.
  • 7 Pro-Earth Actions You Can Take on Earth Day April 20, 2018
    Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, and while it’s easy to appreciate a day that celebrates the importance of environmental protection, it’s not as easy to figure out what actions you can take on Earth Day to show your support for the movement.
  • Morocco Ready for Another Solar Project to Curb Energy Imports April 19, 2018
    Morocco plans to build plants to produce another 800 MW of solar power, just months after attracting bids for its Midelt project as the North African country moves to curb energy imports.
  • SunPower to Buy SolarWorld Americas April 18, 2018
    SunPower Corp.’s new strategy: If you can’t beat them in the tariff game, buy them. The panel maker, which spent more than a year fighting U.S. import tariffs, announced Wednesday it was buying a rival that was instrumental in pushing for them.
  • Utilities Can Choose Whether Blockchain Is a Threat or an Opportunity April 18, 2018
    Blockchain has been in the news a lot lately. Much of the noise is a result of the soaring valuation of the digital currencies it supports like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, digital currencies are just one application for blockchain technology. 
  • $24M Dedicated to Reducing Cost of Concentrated Solar Thermal Technology April 17, 2018
    The Solar Energy Technologies Office will put $24 million into research and development that will help the industry reach the DOE’s levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) targets for concentrated solar thermal systems by 2030.
  • Alberta May Soon Have Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing April 17, 2018
    A bill was introduced last week in Alberta, Canada, that could give municipalities in the province the option to create Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing programs.
  • 3@3 on Solar PV: How Much Solar Capacity Exists in the World? April 16, 2018
    Today we spend the entire show talking about the size of the solar market. How much solar generating capacity is installed; how much solar manufacturing capacity exists; and how much solar is held in China, the largest solar market in the world.