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  • 8 Things You Need to Know About the IPCC 1.5˚C Report October 16, 2018
    While all countries committed under the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 1.5˚C-2˚C (2.7-3.6˚ F), major questions remained: How can the world achieve this temperature goal? And what happens if it doesn’t?
  • IRENA: Egypt Could Meet Up to 53 Percent of Electricity Demand with Renewables October 16, 2018
    Egypt has the potential to meet up to 53 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The Egypt Renewable Energy Outlook, released in Cairo last week in the presence of Egyptian government officials and regional decision makers, found that pursuing higher […]
  • IEA: World Could Install 1.3 TW of Clean Energy by 2023 October 15, 2018
    The world could install more than a trillion watts of renewable power over the next five years, more than the entire current generation capacity of the European Union.
  • Renewable Hungry Companies need to get on the RTO ASAP October 15, 2018
    The report by recently rebranded Wind-Solar Alliance points out that more than 100 U.S. corporate buyers —members of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance — have set a goal of purchasing 60 GW of new U.S. renewable energy capacity by 2025. So far, since 2013, the companies have procured just over 13 gigawatts of renewable power.
  • Britain's Battery Market Will Grow by $7.9 Billion by 2030 October 12, 2018
    Britain’s power market will need investment of 6 billion pounds ($7.9 billion) between now and 2030 in flexible generation and storage such as batteries to support the transition toward an economy that emits less carbon, a study showed.
  • IRENA Conducting Survey of Gender and Renewable Energy October 12, 2018
    The International Renewable Energy Agency is conducting a survey to gather quantitative and qualitative insights into the current status of women’s participation in the renewable energy sector.
  • PECO Offers Financial Support for Commercial Installation of EV Charging Stations October 11, 2018
    PECO (formerly the Philadelphia Electric Company) announced that the utility will be offering a new incentive for commercial customers who install electric vehicle charging stations for public use. The incentive will be available to commercial customers who successfully apply for funding under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) “Driving PA Forward” program.
  • U.S. Department of Energy To Bring $40B Cash to POWER-GEN International October 10, 2018
    After wallowing in limbo for the first part of 2018 awaiting re-authorization, the Loan Program Office (LPO) at the Department of Energy is back in business with about $40 billion burning a hole in its proverbial pocket. Mike Reed, Director and Chief Engineer of the Technical and Project Management Division of the LPO and his […]
  • Exxon Puts $1 Million Into Quest for Carbon Tax-and-Rebate Plan October 9, 2018
    An effort to put a tax on carbon dioxide emissions just won an unlikely underwriter: a top producer of oil and gas.
  • Report: $2.4 Trillion Clean Energy Investment Needed To Avoid Climate Catastrophe October 8, 2018
    The world must invest $2.4 trillion in clean energy every year through 2035 and cut the use of coal-fired power to almost nothing by 2050 to avoid catastrophic damage from climate change, according to scientists convened by the United Nations.