Project Developers

At Energetic we take pride in our work, and the outstanding enthusiasm about solar energy is reflected in our entire process. We won’t be happy until you are satisfied. Developing a project bears a lot of challenges, and we’re here to mitigate your risk and make your project/portfolio a success. It doesn’t matter to us if you focus on residential, commercial or utility scale systems, every solar panel counts. Energetic through its network can also provide off-take partners to back your project.

A properly designed and engineered system helps you not only meet your financial projections, but you will also save money by procuring the right components, and having the right team increase efficiency during construction, and operations.

Securing the right project specific components will make your system perform better, last longer and causes less headaches.

As Energetic is technology agnostic the final components selected for each project will be procured specifically for the needs of the project, taking into consideration cost, performance, and reliability. Not all technology is made for the same climates, or solar conditions and projects will be designed to produce the most energy possible, with consultation of stakeholders, building managers, and the individual property needs in mind.

An Energetic designed and built project is one that takes into account best in class technologies and design solutions, and efficient construction and installation methods.  We provide our clients with leading custom project and construction management services. We understand the terrain, codes, and permits required to get a solar PV system online without any delays.

With more than a decade in the solar industry, we developed, built and operated many systems in Germany, Canada, the United States, and Caribbean. As owners of our own solar PV projects, we know what it takes to deliver and maintain any solar PV application.

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